09. 04. 2012.

Travel: Ethno Village Experience

Ethnological Museum Staro Selo (Old Village) in Kumrovec, Croatia is an open-air museum with beautifully restored thatched cottages and wooden farm buildings, orchards, and a stream giving a lifelike reconstruction of 19th-century rural life. A special attraction of the village is the birth house of the president of former Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito, with a monument. 
Olimje is a settlement in eastern Slovenia. The place is known by the Monastery Olimje with the oldest pharmacy in Europe, the Church of the Mary’s Assumption and the Cokoladnica Olimje (Chocolate factory). Their tradition of making chocolate goes back to the 19th century. In Olimje they make hand made products from chocolate - delicious.


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  1. obozavam etno sela ... nostalgicna i slatka :)
    uvijek mi je drago kada "pronadjem" blog s "nasih prostora" ... puno pozdrava iz beca, divna


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